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Flower Power: How To Wear Floral Prints

Nothing looks daintier than a woman in roses and daisies. Floral prints are classic investments to add up to your put in your wardrobe next to your old Maxi Dress. It’s a closet must-have that will bring out femininity and sweetness to your style. Celebrate the end of a long winter and try out this pretty floral trend that is perfect for the spring and summer seasons!

Here are some tips on how to rock those floral prints:

Go back to basics. Go for a classic or modern look by pairing florals with your basic wardrobe essentials. Try a chiffon floral top with a black pencil skirt for work or perhaps with white tailored pants for a Sunday brunch. On the other hand, if you’re sporting a floral dress, you can go with a denim vest for daytime or make it look business-appropriate with a solid-colored blazer.

Mind the print and pattern. There are so many floral prints to choose from, varying from different sizes and shapes.  Choose one which best suits your personality and taste. Would you prefer fine prints, or are you the type to go for bold and vibrant designs? That is up to you, but be sure it fits your personal style and the occasion you’re wearing it for. Also, be careful not to choose patterns that won’t complement your body type. For example, if you’re a small girl, big abstract patterns might make you look smaller. And if you’re big-boned or plus-sized, fine miniature prints might emphasize that and make you look even bigger.

Pay attention to the color palette. Know how to blend the colors well. Floral prints often have multiple colors, so there are also so many possible ways you can style it. Work around these colors, choose well, and make sure it’s properly coordinated so that it creates a cohesive ensemble.

Accessorize it. Accessories can add flavor to a look! Choose accessories that will work well with your pattern and colors. For instance, if it’s a daytime event, try color-blocking your sunflower-printed dress with a bright green tote bag and colorful bangles in hues of mint and canary yellow. There are lots of accessories that would complement a floral ensemble, like scarves, hats, and belts.

Pair it with the right shoes. When choosing the right footwear, the first question you need to ask yourself is where you’re going. Of course, if you want an office-appropriate look, pumps are always the safest bet to make your floral outfit look more formal. Wearing high heels will tone down the casualness of a floral look. But if you’re off to a picnic or a walk in the park, pair it with cute flats or sandals instead for a more laidback and effortless vibe.

Flowers aren’t tricky at all. Keep these tips in mind and you’ll be sure to master the art of wearing floral prints in no time!


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